How Does Michael Moore Use the Techniques of Satire in Bowling for Columbine to Achieve His Purpose?

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How does Michael Moore use the techniques of Satire in Bowling for Columbine to achieve his purpose? By using film techniques such as irony, juxtaposition and sarcasm, in a remarkably powerful way, Moore leads the audience through a deeply emotional and informative journey in his film, bowling for Columbine. He clearly highlights the flaws in American society and the terrible fact, that American gun culture is based upon fear which is leading to the knocking down of much of their society. Through these techniques, Moore invites the viewer to reflect on the values and attitudes about human frailty and depravity and to question whether the gun laws in America need to be altered. Moore outlines the flaws in American society simply by using juxtaposition as a technique of satire. Moore's effective juxtaposition conveys the problems with gun control in America. Juxtaposition between the "Wonderful world" music and the horrific scenes of all the death America has caused is extremely effective as it shows that America claims it is making the world a safe and "Wonderful World", whereas the truth is that this is the complete opposite. Another example is the fact that the town of Littleton, Colorado is seen as "a great place to live", yet there is a stark juxtaposition with the world's largest weapon’s factory situated right next door, and the town’s unpleasing history of burglary and rape. Michael Moore is extremely successful in communicating this technique, as he has achieved an excellent portrayal of the problems in American society, being an American citizen and himself growing up around guns. The gun problem is emphasised when Moore points out the shooting of a six year old shooting a six year old in the town of Flint Michigan and this is juxtaposed with the image of the NRA coming to the town to promote guns. The juxtaposition here is quite moving and conveys

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