How Does Medea Kill Jason Selfish

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The story of Medea, written by Euripides, is a romantic tragedy that ends in an unexpected way. Throughout the play, it is easy to feel sorry for Medea who has devoted herself to Jason, only to have him leave her and her children for another woman and a better life. However, readers will begin to despise Medea as her final revenge on Jason is to kill her own children. Even though Medea knows it is wrong, this paper will argue whether Medea murders her children out of selfishness or out of love? Medea fell in love with Jason the moment she met him. She killed and deceived her own brother and father for him, and used all of her resources to help him be successful and regain his kingdom. Medea acted so selflessly towards Jason because she was in love, or at least completely infatuated with him. However, Jason leaves the moment there is a seemingly better opportunity for him to marry the Corinth princess and elevate his status. This action demonstrates Jason’s true colors; he does not value his relationship with Medea and his two sons. Jason’s betrayal leaves Medea…show more content…
Regardless of the sacrifices she made for him, she ended up being banished by the King of Creon and then deserted by Jason, only to be left with Jason’s two sons to raise all on her own. In addition to this, she gives much of her time and energy to make Jason happy, along with raising their children, only to him leave her for a younger and more beautiful princess. The jealousy and rage that is exhibited by Medea may be a reflection of how she sees her position in society, in which men are in control and she is forced to and be submissive. In seeking revenge on Jason, she is fighting back against her oppression and lack of power in owning her choices and future. Medea feels in order to be at peace, she must destroy Jason regardless of the
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