How Does Huck Mature

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In Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Fin, the reader follows Huck’s journey to mature into a man. In the story, Huck goes from being taken care of by the widow and her sister to being kidnapped by his drunkard bum father. Then from there Huck fakes his own death and runs away from everyone and he encounters Jim the runaway slave with the same intentions. They travel down the Mississippi river and encounter and interact with many people. Huck has many adventures during this time and the many different conflicts help mold his moral conscience. Jim helps Huck develop morally because he is a man that society says is subhuman so Huck befriends a man that society shuns so he has to deal with the issues that come with that situation. All this helps Huck refine…show more content…
At the start, he does not really care for Jim because he was brought up to think that he was better than Jim because Jim was black. This is shown while they are travelling together. He sees Jim as unintelligent. For example when Jim tells him the story of how he lost all of his fortune, Huck listens intently but does not really show interest when he comments. After Tom hears the whole story, all he says is “Well it’s all right, anyway, Jim, long as you’re going to be rich again sometime or other.” He gives him the sarcastic response to change the subject and it also means that he does not believe Jim’s story. There are multiple occasions where Huck tries to take advantage of what he believes to be his mental advantage over Jim because he is black. Huck and Jim are talking about Solomon and Jim believes that Solomon was actually a fool. The story of Solomon is that he was a very wise man who could judge and solve all disputes. One day, two women came to him with a child, both claiming to be the mother. Solomon suggested that they cut the child in half, knowing that the real mother would rather give up her baby than see him split in two. Huck explains this to Jim but he is still adamant about his opinion of the wise king. He repeatedly says that ½ of a child is of no use to anyone so it was a foolish decision. Huck gets frustrated with Jim and says “you just can’t learn a nigger to argue.” Huck
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