How Does Hip Hop Affect Law Enforcement

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Ana Silva Professor Termain Garden Cms-11 Spring 2008 Hip Hop Artist: How Their Negative Attitude Towards Law Enforcement Affects Law Enforcements ability to investigate crimes and maintain order Hip Hop music has helped shaped the younger generations into a lively hood of questioning and struggles against authority. Hip Hop came about in the Bronx during the 1970’s, this style included rapping, graffiti writing, bboying, beat boxing, and slang. Hip Hop was originally just DJ’s playing beats that most people had not heard before. Not only did hip hop change the style of music but it also changed the language and clothing style. More slang was developed and clothes became flashier, such as the adidas shell top sneakers…show more content…
Sergeant Scott is not a listener of Hip hop music he believes that, “the majority of it is useless and a waste.” But shockingly when asked if he believe that violence makes it harder to work in his community his response was, “No I don’t believe that, I think the majority of arrest that I have made are because of low income poverty neighborhoods, where there is a high usage of drugs.” Working in the South Bronx you would think that a sergeant would believe other wise, if you just look around you, you can see that the people where he makes his arrest are clearly influenced by hip hop. The way they dress, the way they speak, simply the way that they carry themselves, screams hip hop. But Sergeant Scott believes, “people just want to use hip hop as an excuse, to become violent and do whatever they want. I have listened to rock music and I have seen a lot of these rock wannabes but you don’t see them running around pointing guns at each other just because their music is angry.” Hip Hop has changed in many ways since when it first emerged and I do believe that it is for the worst. Hip hop has become more violent towards everyone it is no longer a unifying link but more like a death sentence. I do believe that hip hop has made it harder for police officers to carry out their duties, due to the fact that people are easily influenced…show more content…
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