How Does Hill Present the Setting of Eel Marsh House and Why Is It Important? Essay

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The setting of Eel Marsh house is important as it is where Kipps and the reader gathers a greater understanding of the woman in black and it is the only place where calm and collected Kipps becomes uncomfortable and develops as a character. It is a typical setting for a ghost story. When traveling to Eel Marsh house from London the surroundings a population begins to decrease and this creates a greater sense of loneness. Hill describes it as “driving towards the very edge of the world” creating a air of unworldliness to Eel Marsh house and isolation. Hill may have used this metaphor in order to suggest that Kipps has traveled as far as he can; he has traveled to the extent that he can go no further as there is physically no more road to travel on. The “edge of the world” is thought to be a dangerous place where no one wishes to go (if there were such a place) which could reflect on the villagers views on Eel Marsh house. Eel Marsh house is a place that was poorly maintained and Hill uses imagery of “the soil gave way to rough grass and I began to see dykes and ditches” to add a sense of lack of safety to the houses surroundings. As Kipps makes his way around the grounds it begins to give way to revel water and unstable ground, making Eel Marsh house a dangerous and unsafe place to be and Kipps starts to be concerned about his safety. “Rough grass” is used to imply that no one has visited the house for a considerable amount of time and that there is no body to maintain and care for it either because Mrs Dralow had no friends or family or because everyone was too scared which suggest the woman in black has a strong influence on the community of Criffin Grifford. Eel Marsh house is also home to a graveyard which is now a “heap of dust and rubble, lay the gray water” Hill could have used the graveyard to reflect on the appearance of the woman in black as both

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