How Does Hg Wells Create An Atmosphere Of Fear And Tension In “The Red Room”?

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How does HG Wells create an atmosphere of fear and tension in “The Red Room” In the red room, HG Wells creates tension and fear through various mediums. The short story is about a young man going to stay the night in a supposedly haunted room in Lorraine castle. His motives are unknown however the reader can assume that the sole purpose of his doing so is to attempt to prove it is not haunted. HG Wells creates fear through usage of Characters, Setting and imagery, which I will explore in this essay. Tension is a requisite of any story, as it is what makes it interesting and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next, it is often essential to the plot as well as it is created by a problem or an unknown factor, which makes the reader want to read on to the end. The first way Wells creates fear and tension is through the characters, in The Red Room there is only four of them so he is able to describe them in detail throughout the story, making it more vivid and real. Apart from the narrator, being one character, the other three characters only feature at the beginning and end of the story. This is due to their purpose in the plot; they are there at the beginning to start the story off with high tension, as this draws in the readers focus, and to try and ward off the narrator from The Red Room, creating a fearful nature about the place. Their purpose at the end of the story is to help draw it to a close, ending where it started, the only thing having changed being the narrator’s perspective of the events, making for an effective ending. The man with the withered arm is the first character encountered by the narrator, and his first line is “It is your own choosing,” which is repeated several times throughout the opening scene. This creates the impression that he does not want anything to do with the events that follow, and he

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