How Does Hester Show Courage In The Scarlet Letter

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Hester, a woman that has been criticized by the community, a scarlet letter put upon her bosom, and put on a pedestal for the whole town to shame. She stands there and looks into the crowd sees the father, is told to say who the father is and refuses, which brands her with the letter and shame till the end of the novel, if this isn’t a sign of courage I don’t know what is. Her daughter steers her strait and keeps Hester on the road to God. Hester thinks in more than one level depending on the spot in the book, she never thinks in level one mainly because she doesn’t give up the name of the father of the child so doesn’t say yes or no to avoid pain, but she does think in level four though because telling of whom the real father is would be against natures and God’s law, but not telling is against mans law. In the situation she also thinks in level five because it would be against her ethics to tell, and get the man she loves arrested or worse hanged.…show more content…
Then she is accepted back into the community by the women, and the shame is completely gone because she earned her integrity back. In the end she kisses Dimmesdale, her true love before he finally dies after Chillingworth, stopped keeping him alive watching him suffer. So we do not learn much about Hester before the scarlet letter but I think that she is a very intelligent and courageous woman to go thru what she went thru and think in both level four and five, while not succumbing to the temptation of having the scarlet letter removed on the spot, and instead earning her integrity
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