How Does Henry Change Through Henry V?

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How does Henry change through Henry V? Henry is presented as a multi-layered character, having many different sides to him. We experience his remarkable change from being an irresponsible, reckless prince who then witnesses his father’s passing, and discovers the intelligent, courageous side of him that was born to rule. The novel begins with him being reckless and time wasting, but he matures to become witty, patriotic and sarcastic, yet still compassionate- the ideal traits for a perfect king. Even his name expresses a lot about him. His name at the beginning of the book, Harry, makes people think of a common boy who is a nice person, but not powerful and grand. The name connotes immaturity and irresponsibility, simply telling us that a man with this name does not have the power to be a noble king. On the other hand, he changes his name to Henry, and this makes people think of a powerful, mature, responsible man who is independent and grand. It connotes authority, basically telling us that a man with this name has the ability to rule a country greatly. The young prince is displayed at the beginning of the book as an addicted time waster for all the wrong things. This is shown in the quote, ‘His addiction was to courses vain’ The use of the word ‘addiction’ gives the sense that Henry not only liked his hobby (which was time wasting), but he was obsessed with it; he craved it. Craving is a negative action, as one can never get enough of an addiction, as they are insatiable. Furthermore, the phrase ‘courses vain’ illustrates that Henry was not even addicted to something beneficial or worthwhile for anybody. It shows that he only cared for himself and would serve as a terrible king for the country, having all that power and misusing by being selfish. But when Henry’s father dies, he is burdened by the throne and must become a true king, eradicating all bad
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