How Does Harper Lee Use Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Races and Racism Harper Lee’s book is written very long time ago, the book’s back ground is early 1900’s, before the World war 2. The book’s is be telling by the main character, young girl, Scout. She is white, and young, she’s telling everything as a young girl’s point of view. At that time, African American people were treated by badly. The law about African American slaves were just disappeared before that time. There was a lot of discrimination on African American people. African American people got any discrimination about everything like law, lives, etc… White people just called African Americans with nigger, or black. The white people called them badly like ‘black’ naturally. The story in the book is about how did African American people were treated badly at that time. Why I’m Black, Not African American of John McWhorter is talking about how do the black people want to call themselves. He is telling why did people start to call people who has dark skin, ‘black’. The author is…show more content…
Those three sources show the racism all periods like early 1900’s, 1980’s, and today. There was a racism, and there is still racism. But, in the three sources, how the racism has been changing. Everything is changing now, the purposes that the three authors have may be different. What is their purposes? The background of To Kill a Mockingbird is very early of 1900’s. The before of that period, there was slaves in the U.S., everything was unfair at that time, white people were high class, and African American people were lower class. White people treated others badly like slaves, all the kids who lived that time had been seeing it all the time, so they thought that it is normal, because their parents just did that. White people discriminated African American people for all things like law. For the main character’s pure eyes, it was not fair, the white people treated like
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