How Does Hardy Use Nature In The Two Poems

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How does Hardy use nature in the two poems ‘The Darkling Thrush’ and ‘Neutral Tones’ In Hardy’s poems he tends to use nature in a way that reflects the mood that he is in when writing. The mood of these two poems is shown to be very similar to one another, for the use of imagery and colour clearly represents how Hardy is feeling due to the very bland use of colours used to describe the environment around him. The way he manages to find a way to make everything around him seem depressing also shows how he is feeling about his life at the time, choosing to be extremely pessimistic when it seems to be unnecessary. At the beginning of The Darkling Thrush we can easily decipher the mood of the poem for Hardy describes the frost of winter as “Spectre-gray”. The use of the word gray seems to make the whole scene seem more miserable, for he could have used the colour white to describe the frost, which even though is not an eventful colour itself, can still be very beautiful, but instead he chooses to go with a colour that is the least eventful. This is a clear link to how he is being very pessimistic towards his surroundings, for he clearly chooses the least attractive colour of the two. As the name suggests, the mood and setting of Neutral Tones is very similar to The Darkling Thrush, for Darkling Thrush is set in winter, the same as “That winter day” in Neutral Tones. Once again Hardy clearly shows his dislike of the winter season, for he uses the colour “Gray” again in order to describe the leaves that had fallen from a tree. He also uses personification and alliteration when giving a description of the soil or ground, claiming that “A few leaves lay on the starving sod” which is more clear evidence of his negativity towards winter, choosing to only see the bad sides of the season and not the more positive sides. The use of Gray also clearly shows the reader how the

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