How Does Golding Use Power In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Once a person tastes power, his thirst and desire for power grows, and if he obtains enough power to rise up and bring others under his authority, he will eventually come to realize the heights of his influence. Then he will be able to determine what kind of leader he will become. He will either choose to become a dictator, wanting an authoritarian power, or become a liberal leader by using his power to create a fair society among those under him. It is a tough decision because once a person realizes that he has an unlimited source of power, nothing will stop him from doing whatever he wants, be it good or evil. Throughout the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding makes the point that if a person is given too much power,…show more content…
Golding uses different characters to demonstrate the various usage of power in a society. He uses the character Jack, to demonstrate the usage of power by an authoritarian leader. At the beginning of the novel, even though Ralph turns out to be the leader amongst the kids, Jack also becomes the leader of the hunters leaving him with some power, too. As he gets to taste power on the island, he seeks more. One of the ways Jack obtains more power is by manipulating Piggy. This is shown when he shouts, “the conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain, so you shut up!”(42). This is significant because it shows the reader that Jack can actually control someone and has enough power to shut someone’s mouth despite the fact his power can’t reach Ralph’s power. Furthermore, Jack leaves the group when he has desire and eagerness for further power. He decides to make his own tribe and all of the biguns except Samnerik follow him. Golding shows this when Jack says, “’I’m going to be chief’…And after a moment they followed him” (133). By this time one can see that Jack is close to becoming superior and total dictatorship over his new tribe. He no longer uses

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