How Does Golding Make the Discovery of the 'Fort' Such a Significant Moment in the Novel 'Lord of the Flies"

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Golding uses many techniques to make this passage of Lord Of the Flies such a significant moment of the novel. The way the passage is presented and the language techniques he uses create atmosphere and make the passage exciting. During the passage Golding refers to a ‘leviathan’ in the lagoon. This a term used firstly in the Bible to describe a sea monster and therefore creates a fearsome image in our mind. The thought of a ‘leviathan’ in the lagoon would be especially scary for a young boy on a remote island far away from adults and home. The ‘leviathan’ is described to be ‘sleeping’ and it is said have ‘breathed out’ so ‘the waters rose, the weed streamed, and the water boiled over the table rock with a roar’. The thought that a living creature can cause these affects to the water with one breath whilst sleeping is a very scary thought. Also this leviathan supports the idea of a beast being on the island with the boys, which adds to the drama and ferocity. The description of the water rising on to the rocks is very dramatic and creates a vivid image in our mind. The fact it ‘boiled over - with a roar’ is key to creating this vivid picture in our minds. The onomatopoeia of ‘roar’ suggests that the waves are very loud, ferocious and powerful. The image of the leviathan supposedly living in the lagoon and supposedly causing the waves to be very rough creates a very frightening image in our minds. This is significant as it helps us to understand how scary it must be on the island without any parents and so far away from home. At the start of the passage the atmosphere that is created is very negative and a negative image is created in our minds. For example the language used is quite negative such as ‘strange’, ‘creature’ and ‘troubled’. This negative image makes the readers first impression of where the boys are quite unpleasant. However right at the end of the

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