How Does Globalization Influence Health and Lifestyle Essay

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How does globalization influence health and lifestyle? 2012/7/26 Traditionally, globalization is welcome in a host of countries for the reason that it can increase international trade and fuel the local economic growth. Yet, a growing number of people nowadays are beginning to be concerned that transitions brought by globalization could make a negative effect on their local lifestyle and health. Widespread and overwhelming, globalization plays a vital role in people’s life. From my own perspective, health and cultural problems are the two essential issues that triggered by globalization. Admittedly, globalization reinforces cultural exchange and transmission. Nonetheless, it can undermine the local cultural identity as well. Especially, the spread of American corporation all over the world has visible and variable consequence on local culture, such as fast food chains. It is well known that food not only represents an aspect of local culture but also reveals the habits and traditions in society. For example (Cited in Source Work, 2012, p.179), the French unique cuisine reflects their culture, which makes the French feel more proud. Because of their sense of pride, quite a few French people have started to be concerned that the U.S. fast food chains would crowd out their own products. Besides food products, restaurant chains can influence both eating habits and traditions. For instance (Cited in Source Work, 2012, p.179), Starbucks, in Italy, gives rise to widely cultural concerns because it is universally acknowledged that Italian coffee, which is regarded as part of lifestyle and mores in Italy, is more than a normal drink. The Italian deems that a large chain, which is lack of a friendly atmosphere, could not provide a comfortable environment for individuals to relax their coffee and to chat with friends. Moreover, introducing fast food chains will also
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