How Does Frankenstein Hesitate To Make A Creature Like Man

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Frankenstein Mary Shelley Directions: Check off whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Take notes as you read Frankenstein that supports your argument (which may be different than what you originally predicted.) Agree | Disagree | Statement/Evidence and Page # | Agree | Disagree | | | Everyone has a hidden monster inside of them. | | | | | Isolating ourselves will magnify our problems rather than resolve them. | | | | | Parents/Guardians have a never-ending responsibility for their children. | | | | | Fame and glory are worth seeking. | | | | | Science is more powerful than nature. | | | | | We are what society makes us. | | | Preface and Letters 1. The novel…show more content…
What is the literary term for M. Waldman and the effect that his lecture and guidance have on Victor? 9. Why does Victor hesitate to make a creature like man? Why does he go through with it? 10. What is the central flaw in Victor’s decision what to create? Chapters V and VI 11. What does Frankenstein feel when the creature reaches out to him? What do you think is the creature’s reason for reaching out for Dr. Frankenstein? 12. In Elizabeth’s letter to Victor there is one example of Shelley’s support for the revolution in France and republican society. Identify the passage and page number. Chapters VII and VIII 13. What briefly lifts Victor’s spirit on his journey home? Why is this significant? 14. Why does Elizabeth believe that she is responsible for William’s death? 15. Why does Elizabeth’s speech in court hurt Justine? Chapters IX and X 16. What keeps Victor from killing himself at the beginning of this chapter? 17. How does Victor become a disenfranchised member of society himself? 18. What biblical character does the creature compare himself to? What character does he think he ought to be? 19. What does the creature say made him a “fiend?” What is Romantic about
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