How Does Food Trigger Past Memories? Essay

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The simple vanilla ice-cream on a cone, triggers a vast amount of my greatest memories. As my tongue melts the ice-cream, the burst of flavour sends my mind into a frenzy. The day is in the middle of summer, the sun is out and the weather is warm. I paint a picture of myself and my brother. We are young, primary school age. We run around the local park, vanilla ice-cream in hand, without a care in the world. In the distance, I see my father walking down the road towards the park. He catches our eye and begins to jog towards us, dribbling the football at his feet. Upon seeing the brand new Adidas football, I devour my ice-cream and run at him, calculating how I will tackle him. I keep running, shaking off the feeling of brain freeze, getting closer and closer to him. I leap off of the ground and slide along the green grass, and claim the ball. The classic football chant, “what a challenge!” echoes through my mind in my dad’s voice. Throughout the remaining time at the park, the three of us work on our basics. Standing in a triangle, we pass the ball along the ground, mastering our techniques. We progress to lobbed passes, from distances up to 30 yards, rather impressive for my brother and I considering our age. After hours of doing various football based tasks and training, we all worked up quite a sweat. Walking back towards our home that sweet sound rings through my ears. The ice-cream van was approaching fast. Being the cheeky little boy I was, I reach into the back pocket of my father’s jeans and pull out all the change my small hands can grasp. I wave change free hand wildly in the air, attracting the attention of the van. It pulls up, and I buy another vanilla ice-cream. I look back at my father and brother, then at the man. I also buy them another ice-cream. We all take them in our hands and eat them contently, whilst making our way home after a wonderful

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