How Does Food Concentration Affect Yeast Activity

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Purpose/ objectives: 1. To learn if food concentrations affect yeast activity 2. To improve skills in writing a lab report better 3. To practice measuring skills 4. To understand how yeast works Materials: * * 6 identical large test tubes (18 X 150mm) * 1 graduated cylinder (24ml) * Molasses stock solution ( 1:4- molasses: water) Dropper * Yeast suspension (1 gram of dry yeast in 100 mls water) * Aluminum foil * 1 test tube rack * 1 graduated cylinder (small) * 1 beaker * 6 small test tube (10 X 75mm) * Rule marked in millimeters Hypothesis: If you add more molasses to the yeast then the gas would became greater because the yeast cells reproduce so the waste became greater and…show more content…
The food concentration affects the yeast activity because in each tube there were different amounts of water and molasseses so that make the yeast react different. 2. The experiment help students to write a better lab report with more information 3. It helps the students to practice their measuring skill when they were measuring the gas in the smaller test tubes. 4. Also it helps the students to understand how yeast works and reacts to different chemicals. * Is important to shake the yeast suspension just before you add some to the test tube because all the yeast is in the bottom and you need to get it to the top to get them to the tube. * My graph shows that the amount of food and the activity of yeast were different because we put different amount of yeast. * The test tube should be set up in exactly the same way except for the differences amount of molasses because if not they would be a different result in the lab. * The statement I can make regarding the amount of carbon dioxide produced by an organism and it activity is that it react different to the different chemical and the different amounts that you put on

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