How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 Essay

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Explain how Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 1. In chapter one, Fitzgerald begins the novel ‘in my younger and more vulnerable years’, which signifies that the narrator is speaking about the past events in the present. This gives the readers an idea that the whole novel will be a re-telling of the past. The reader is introduced to Nick Carraway, the narrator of the novel and also the character within. The reader learns about him and his opinions on different people. Nick goes to dinner with the Buchanan’s and the chapter ends with Nick seeing Gatsby out on the dock, reaching out to ‘a single green light’. Fitzgerald uses chapter one to set the scene of the novel itself. The events in the book have already taken place and the main characters have been introduced – even Myrtle Wilson who’s phone call interrupts dinner. Nick talks about ‘Midas and Morgan’ who were both mythical and real people. This quote foreshadows that the novel is going to be a mix with myth and reality. Fitzgerald also uses chapter one to introduce the reader to Nick. He speaks about remembering his father’s advice – ‘people haven’t had the advantages you’ve had…’ this shows that Nick has strong morals and family values. His father also advises him not to judge too quickly - this shows the reader that this is one of Nick’s failings and that he judges people more quicker than he should. This is shown when Nick is seen to be intolerant and judgemental – Nick viewed Gatsby’s life with ‘unaffected scorn’ and was ‘disgusted’ by Tom and Daisy’s marriage. This gives the idea that Nick is dishonest and the reader becomes less trusting of his narration. Geography and morality are linked in this chapter in many ways. East egg is said to be a conservative aristocrat however, it is not as refined as it appears – Tom’s description is seen as ‘hulking’ and ‘aggressive’ whereas upper class
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