How Does Fitzgerald Tell The Story In Chapter 1? Essay

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How does Fitzgerald tell the story in chapter one of “The Great Gatsby”? In chapter one the reader is introduced to lots of main characters, including the narrator, Nick. The chapter also outlines a few aspects of Nicks life in New York when he lived there in 1922 and his life in West Egg. The purpose of the chapter is to mainly introduce the characters of the book and set a tone for the rest of the book (e.g. ideas of social class, characterisation of Gatsby). The chapter is also crucial in conveying the relationship between Tom and Daisy Buchanan to the reader. At the start of the book, the main narrator, Nick Carraway is introduced. In the first few lines he quotes his Father “"Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.”, this quote immediately tells the reader that a main theme of the book is money, as the use of the word “advantages” would suggest that Nick comes from a good background. This is followed by a description of Nick’s college years, he is shown as a mediator as he dealt with “intimate revelations of young men”, this shows that Nick is quite trustworthy so it shows that we can trust his opinions and views throughout the chapter. The time line of the chapter is very structured, it is in chronological order, but Tom is telling the story in a recollective style, so most of the narrative is him reflecting back on the events that happened at the time and explaining his opinions. The fact that the story is being told in hindsight provides the reader with a greater sense of trust in the narrator, as he is less likely to be biased towards any individuals view’s as the events have already happened. The characterisation of Tom is a vital method that Fitzgerald uses to tell the story, he is presented with a “supercilious manner” and “arrogant eyes”, this imagery
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