How Does Environment Influence Prejudice

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How does environment influence prejudice? It is a well-known fact that media has penetrated deep into one’s lives. Almost every human being is exposed to some type of media at least once a day, whether it’s a magazine or a television program. It is also becoming very clear that it has direct and effective influences over one’s prejudices. Environment influences prejudice through media such as TV shows, fairy tales and music. Firstly, television programs have great influence over the audiences' perceptions of prejudices. Since television was first introduced to the general population of the planet Earth, it quickly penetrated into everyone's lives. Due to its direct connection with the audience, television has great influences over the audiences' perceptions of certain concepts, such as their prejudices towards a particular idea. This influence is greatly emphasized when the audience is young children with no prior knowledge about these influences. Young children are usually exposed to many of the Disney films and cartoons. Although many believe that Disney don't influence the audience in a negative manner, Disney has great influences on how children understands and perceives certain concepts. Kim Possible is one of the programs Disney broadcasts on Disney channel. It is a cartoon about a girl named Kim Possible, and her life as a "super-secret agent". Her character is portrayed as thin, pretty and attractive girl and is described as "everything". She is a “straight A” student, a “fashionista” and a “cheerleader” ( By portraying the protagonist, the "most important character" in the show, as attractive, smart and popular whilst the villains and the enemies are portrayed as stupid, fat and ugly, it is implied that being attractive and pretty makes them more important and better than the others. Another show named Supa Strikas is also

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