How Does Chaim Potok Use Imagery In The Chosen

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Imagery in “The Chosen” In this Novel by Chaim Potok there are many profound themes that slowly develop as each page is read and new situations arise. To help create these vivid ideas, imagery is used. Imagery helps create a “big picture” both direct and indirectly. The imagery I wish to focus on in this novel is suffering. This imagery is seen many times throughout this novel sometimes made as obvious suffer and sometimes only implied. There is suffering shown physically, emotionally, individually and as a group. I will address each of these in detail and give a brief explanation as to what theme this imagery helps lead us to. The first image of suffering that is given is physical. Rueven is injured by a baseball hit by Danny Saunders during a baseball game. Reuven’s eye is severely hurt and he ends up in the hospital, not knowing whether he will be able to see out of his eye again. It is because of this physical injury that Danny and Reuven even become friends. They are two very different people and by using this instance of Reuven’s suffering you are…show more content…
As Danny and Reuven become better friends Danny opens up to Reuven about his life. Throughout their friendship you find out that Danny suffers emotionally on a few different levels. First, Danny suffers from silence of his father. The only times Rev Saunders talks to his son is when he is testing Danny. This suffering, even though hard for Danny, is still “understood” by Danny “ it isn’t pleasant, but he’s a great man…” (p.116). Not until the end of the novel does Danny truly understand the silence from his father. Beyond the silence Danny struggles with his growing fascination and desire for psychology. Because of the silence Danny cannot speak to his father about this, but what makes his longing so hard to cope with is knowing that he is destined to replace his father as a religious leader

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