How Does BronteS Writing Convey Her Opinion Of Mrs Reed? Essay

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The extract begins by reminding the reader that Jane’s and Aunt Reeds relationship has always been a distant one, ‘Is this Jane Eyre’ the emphasis of their detachment is shown by Aunt Reed using Jane’s full name. Helen Burns influence over Jane during her time at Lowood reflects in her reply, ‘dear aunt’ even though Jane had previously vowed never to call her aunt again. This conveys the contrast in maturity between the two characters; Jane has evidentially grown in maturity over the years, where Mrs. Reed has maintained the same level of arrogance she had when Jane was only ten years old, showing a lack of maturity. Mrs Reeds ‘natural antipathies’ are emphatic of Mrs Reeds feelings towards Jane, the use of nature reflects how engrained and unchangeable Mrs. Reed’s sentiments are. Mrs Reed is referred to as a ‘stony eye.’ Eyes have been regarded as the windows to our soul, In Mrs reeds case, her soul is stony, inanimate, dead and void of any emotion both on her death bed and when Jane was younger. Mrs Reed’s lack of maternal instinct is evident through her stony persona. The irony is that she is a mother to three children, however, John is consumed by alcohol and gambling until his death and her two daughters are hardly concerned that their mother is dying. There is no natural connection between Mrs Reed and her children. It’s ironic how Jane is the one child there to comfort her yet she’s the one child she, ‘considers bad to the last.’ Mrs Reed’s mentality challenges the normality of society at the time of the readers, as she slips in and out of her lucid state she begins to talk about Jane as if she weren’t in the room. Even in her mental state Jane was always on Mrs Reeds mind emphasising the guilt Mrs Reed had felt. Mrs Reed reveals her feelings unknowingly to Jane, labeling her ‘annoying’ with her ‘incomprehensible disposition’ Jane’s adult-like

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