How Does Bowling For Columbine Relate To Theology?

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Theology Movie Final: Bowling for Columbine Title of the Movie: Bowling for Columbine Produced by: Michael Moore Directed by: Michael Moore Actors: Besides Michael Moore, many U.S. individuals in relation to gun violence were interviewed in this film. Language Used: English Subtitles available: Yes, subtitles are available, but I access the film via You Tube which didn’t contain any subtitles. Length of Movie: 120 minutes Special Significance of the movie: The significance of this movie is the easy access to guns and ammunition in the United States. It has been estimated that over 11,000 people have been killed with the use of a gun. Synopsis/Summary: This is a documentary created by Michael Moore. He examines the use of firearms in the United States. Through interviews and further investigation of some of the most brutal killings, he tries to find answers to the obsessive use of guns and ammunition in this country and why the numbers are so high. Essay: The antagonists of this film are the murderers who killed or harmed individuals with the use of firearms. The protagonists are the innocent victims who were injured or lost their lives in these brutal killings. These killings took place as far as the creation of guns to the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. Relationships between the protagonists and the antagonists can be easy developed and pointed out from their day-to-day lives. What I mean by this is that hated relationships in the household, in school, and to one self can spark these mass murders. These factors are always taken into account. In th movie, there were many moral and ethical issues that were highlighted. For example, racisim and discrimination mentioned in this film. Michael Moore explained in this film that many African Americans are “known” to be the most troublesome in the United States. There have

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