How Does Arthur Miller Use Dramatic Form to Show Willys Struggle for Sucess

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How does Miller use Dramatic form to show Willy’s struggle for success. Miller shows Willy’s struggle for success through dramatic form showing the audience how much of a tragic hero Willy is. Willy is a tragic hero because his own character flaws cause his demise. He wants to plant things in his backyard, to buy new seeds and allow change, but nothing can grow and he remains firmly planted in his delusions. During the last few pages Willy tries frantically to plant some seeds while he and ben (a figure of his imagination) are talking about how and when and what the outcomes of Willy’s suicide will be. The audience is shown how much a tragic hero he is by the way Willy talks of sacrificing himself for his son Biff, he talks (to Ben) of how great he (Biff) would be with the money they would receive from (what could be inferred as health insurance). He uses his life to further another’s. However, his struggle for success is foreshadowed when he talks about how many people will be at his funeral “they’ll all be there” however at his funeral only a selected few had arrived (7 people). He has a silver trophy, marking him as "second best". He's been close to achieving his dreams throughout but never able to get beyond where he stood, keeping him even more trapped. While Willy pretended to be the number one star in the company he was actually barley scraping by, at the end of almost every day he borrows money to try to keep his dignity, the audience is shown that even throughout everything Willy is going through he does not want to seem weak to anyone, he lies about his situation and makes it seem that everything is alright he tries to preserve he dignity. His struggle for success is clearly shown when Lynda tells of how he borrows money instead of making any and that all his contacts have forgotten about him. He isn't willing to let go and accept the past and what

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