How Does Amy Heckerling Update The Novel Emma In Her Film Clueless?

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How does Amy Heckerling update the novel Emma in her film Clueless? The film clueless is a modern adaptation of the British novel Emma. I will discuss about the film in this essay, on how Amy Heckerling, the director of 'Clueless', has transformed the pre-20th Century novel of 'Emma', practically revolutionised it in terms of setting, language and style, and made it into a film. Amy Heckerling updated Emma by altering the book into modern contexts. An example of this is that in “Emma” the portrait incident occurred. This is when Emma painted a portrait of Harriet and Mr Elton which resulted in Mr Elton taking a copy to be framed. This makes Emma think that he should get Harriet and Mr Elton together. A similar scene happens in clueless when Cher takes photos of Tae and Elton together and Elton tapes it up in his locker. Another example is when Emma takes a chariot ride home with Mr Elton in which Mr Elton explains his love for her. In the parallel it is a car ride home obviously due to it being the 20th century. The character of Emma is renamed Cher. This could be because “cher” in French means expensive. This subtly hints about how Cher is spoiled and from an exceedingly rich family which Cher is very keen to deny. The characters Frank Churchill and Christian are obvious parallels because Emma and Cher were in love with them. In the end Frank ended up being engaged to Jane Fairfax and Christian was gay. In clueless Josh takes an instant dislike to Christian just like the book Emma. Josh decalares he will go to the party to keep an eye on Cher. After Elton snubs Tae Josh decides to dance with her. This makes Cher very happy and she can continue to have fun at the party. This scene is almost exactly the same as the novel version except the setting is a ballroom dance. Another way in which “Clueless” has updated “Emma” is the fact the all the ballroom dance
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