How Do You Think the Telecommunications Industry Will Change in the Next 5 Years Essay

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3. The telecommunications industry has evolved exponetially over the last twenty years and who knows what the future holds. I believe however that it will continue to evolve at a frigtening rate in the next five years. I think that the leading cause for change in the industry will be technology. Technology is advancing every day and it is allowing us to communicate in a many different ways through the telecommunications industry. I think that there will be a few major changes in the industry. Firstly the cost of calling and texting will be reduced greatly, secondly I think penetration and coverage will reach one hundred percent worldwide and finally I think that smart phones will continue to get smarter thanks to continued growth in tecnology. Firstly I am of the opinion that the cost of using mobiles will reduce greatly to next to nothing. The growing availability of wifi and apps which allow you to send free messages and calls mean that the number of actual calls and texts being made is drastically dropping. I think that in the next few years the price of buying a phone will increase but the price of maintaing and using the phone will decrease. Take the iPhone 6 for example. It costs almost one thousand euro to purchase on pre-pay. However for ten euro a month you get free calls, texts and internet with most phone companies. I believe that over the next few years the price of these phones will continue to rise as the deals for calls and texts fall. Secondly I think that mobile phone penetration and coverage will reach one hundred percent world wide. There are currently 6.8 billlion mobile phones in use worldwide and the number of smartphones in use currently stands at thirty seven percent with specialists expecting that number to double in the next five years. I also think that the quality of coverage and speed at which we can connect worldide will improve
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