How Do You Summarize California's Proposition 227?

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More people are realizing the failure of bilingual education programs throughout the nation, but still being fought for. California’s Proposition 227 is not only logical, but beneficial to the nations economy and social environment. America should join the majority of California’s voters for this proposition. California’s Proposition 227 has five key factors which summarize the act. The prop. requires all public schools to be taught in English. Parents may waive this requirement for their children if they prove their child can fluently speak English, has special needs, or if they convince the school board that their child will learn English faster through a different program than the required class. The proposition provides initial short-term placement, averaging around one year, in intensive sheltered English immersion programs for children that cannot fluently speak or comprehend English. The proposition is allowing $50 million per year funding English instruction for individuals pledging to provide personal English tutoring to children in their community. The last key factor is the proposition permits enforcement suits by parents and guardians. The opposing forces to Proposition 227 consist of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund…show more content…
Studies have shown by the New Mexico State University, that students who have gone through the English immersion program have become more successful in their studies throughout junior high and high school studies and beyond. The drop out rate has been increasing by students that have been attempting bilingual education programs. The students enrolled in traditional bilingual education programs shown that they progressed English fluency at a slower rate than the English immersion program. The students using the immersion program have also proved to be more successful in other studies such as math and multiple

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