How do you explain the start of the cold war

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How do you explain the start of the Cold War? The first half of the twentieth century was dominated by violence. Two world wars had ravaged most of Europe and caused deep rifts between nation states. International relations had deteriorated and were worsened by the fact that everyone was afraid of another war. What came out of the post war era was a generation of suspicion and mistrust called the Cold War. This was a stalemate war between the US and USSR, or the global East and West. Both sides were sceptical of the other and the threat of war made society at the time harsh. There were many causes for the cold war; however the main beginnings were in the immediate aftermath of World War Two. The world was left in a bipolar power struggle between the two main superpowers, America and the Soviet Union. Stalin, then the leader of the SU wanted to spread communism in order to strengthen the Unions hold on satellite states in Eastern Europe. The US were afraid of the threat of communism, fearful it would spread and cut all ties with their onetime allies. The Soviet Union hardened its attitude towards the West when NATO was formed in 1949 to battle the USSR. One of the major causes of tension was the Berlin blockade which caused an accelerated involvement of the US in Europe. The US disagreed with many of the SU’s political ideologies and decisions like its control over Poland. Also, Britain sided with the US and backed Iran in its struggle to be independent of the SU. There were several other problems concerning the Soviet Union’s pursuit of power; namely its conquests in Turkey, Greece and Korea. These heightened the US’s fear of communism and continued to radically change its foreign policy to deal with this threat. After World War Two, relations rapidly deteriorated between the US and the Soviet Union. The SU Controlled most of East Europe and this “crucial
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