How Do We Use Our Language to Express Ourselves

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How do we use our language to express ourselves? How do we use our language to show anger or respect others? We greet people everyday. We say goodbye to people everyday but I believe most of us have not thought about the process systematically. In my daily life, I am greeting so many people everyday. I consider myself to be pretty extroverted in front of my friends, so I will say like “What’s up” or “How are you doing” to my ordinary friends like everybody does. In addition, I do not expect their response. It is just a politeness for my friends. I think they don’t expect my response either when they say this to me. That is a way to show our respect. However, for my close friends. I would like to talk more after greeting. Therefore, we might use some profanity to greet each other, like “there is my nigga” etc. It does not mean that we don’t respect each other. I will not use this language to my ordinary friends because I know this is very rude and impolite, but the people who know me won’t think about it in this way. In my daily greeting, people can tell what type of friends they are. The way I take leave of a person is pretty much similar. It is just habit, not intention. When I think about this systematically. I realize that greeting is a habit I am comfortable doing. On the other hand, I don’t like to show my personal feeling overtly even to my closest friends. I prefer keep this in my heart. I hate people knowing what I am thinking in my mind. This does not match with my outgoing personality. However, when I feel extremely angry, upset or happy, I still will show emotions. Sometimes I just can’t control myself perfectly. In this situation, I don’t care if a person is older or younger than I. I will just express my feeling to him, tell him he should respect me, or tell him that he makes me very angry or upset. I might get out of control and hit him in

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