How Do the Writers Present the Relationship Between Romeo and Juliet and Between Lizzie and Darcy?

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How to the writers present the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and between Lizzie and Darcy? Romeo and Juliet and Pride and prejudice and both very famous love stories written by very famous writers. They present the relationships between the main characters in very different ways. For example Romeo and Juliet fall in love almost instantly in love, whereas Lizzie and Darcy take time to configure their feelings for one another. In this essay I will explore the ways in which the writers present their relationships. In Romeo and Juliet, the plot is given away straight away through the use of the prologue. The phrase “death-marked love” instantly tells us that two characters love is cursed and tragedy will occur. This oxymoron tells the audience straight away that their love won’t lead to happiness. Conversely, the idea of hope keeps the audience interested. Shakespeare has written the ending in the prologue but yet given us the idea that there could be hope. For example we think that the letter will reach Romeo about the sleeping potion, and that they will be happy ever after…but when that does not happen, we are again reminded of the disastrous events, which were revealed in the prologue. Shakespeare uses hope to keep the audience engaged and at the edge of their seats. It also helps the audience to understand the emotions felt by a character. For example when we know Juliet is alive but Romeo believes she is dead. This use of dramatic irony makes the audience even more devastated when Romeo ends his life because the audience were connected to the characters all the way through and they know Juliet is alive. Throughout the play the characters make small references to a tragedy to come, which reminds the audience that it is inevitable and there is nothing they can do to stop it form happening. From the phrase ‘star crossed lovers’, Shakespeare is using the
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