How Do Photocopiers, Powder Paint and Precipitators Work? Essay

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How Do Photocopiers, Powder Paint and Precipitators Work? Photocopiers, powder paint and precipitators are all very useful, and work in a very specific way, static electricity is the base of this. Static electricity is a collection of immovable charges on an object or molecule. Static build up is caused by friction, when two insulating materials are rubbed together electrons are taken from one and moved onto the other. This leaves a positive charge on one material and a negative one on the other, the charge depends on the material. Electrically charged objects attract small objects placed near them. Positive and negative electrostatic charges are only ever produced by the movement of the negative electrons, positive charges do not move. A positive static charge is created when electrons move away, and cause negative charges to move away as well. The key point that allows photocopiers, powder paint and precipitators work, is the face that objects with the same charge repel each other, whereas objects with opposite charges are attracted to each other. Photocopiers work when an image plate is positively charged. An image of what's being copied is projected onto this image plate. Whiter bits of the image cause light to fall on the plate and allows the charge to leak through in these places. The charged parts of the plate attract the negatively charged black paper, which is transferred onto the positively charged paper. The paper is then heated so the powder sticks. The photocopy is complete. Laser-jet printers work in a similar way to this. However, instead of an image plate it had a rotating image drum, and the light comes from a controlled laser beam. Bikes and cars, along with many other things are painted using electrostatic paint sprayers. First of all, the spay gun is charges, which charges up the tiny drops of paint inside it. Because each paint

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