How Do Individuals Learn to Become Members of Society?

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How do individuals learn to become members of society? In this essay I will be talking about how individuals learn to become members of society. Everyone is different and the reason why is because of their different upbringing. From the day we are born, up to old age, we are affected by our contact with people and our links with membership of important organization and groups. We learn how to be members of society and learn that we cannot do what we want to all the time or whenever we feel like it. The process of learning to be a member of society is known as socialisation and the process of social control. It controls our behavior and what is expected and behaving in a way that is in agreement with the norms and laws of society. Family. In early childhood we learn the norms, attitude, values and actions of our culture. The main shaping of influence is usually our family and home. Our family is one of the most important social agents in our lives. It is where we learn how to communicate with others, differences between right and wrong and how to share with others. Most of the skills are learned or copied from what our parents do. When we are born we first develop gender identity. It is when we see what acceptable feminine and masculine behavior is. In early life girls and boys have different experiences. Many parents will dress them in a different colour. For example girls will be dressed in pink and boys in blue. When kids are taken to toy shops girls will be taken to the doll section and boys to the toy cars. There may be different quality of socialisation between families in different social classes and may have an impact in later life. As we go in life, there are other social agents that make sure that we continue to learn the norms and values of our culture throughout the rest of our lives. School. School is where knowledge and skills ate
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