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How Do I Acquire My L2? Essay

  • Submitted by: christina99
  • on January 6, 2012
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Below is an essay on "How Do I Acquire My L2?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Different pond, different fish. This proverb works for many cases, one of them is in acquiring second language (L2). I do believe all people have their own way to acquire their L2. These differences occur because people born to be different, although we have similarities in our brain, body and so on. We have some weakness and strength in several factors that influence us to be different. In this essay, I would like to discuss how I acquire my L2.

First of all I will define what second language (L2) is. According to Troike (2006), second language is the language that used officially by society and government for many areas and institutions. It is often acquired by immigrants who are native in another language. For example, I am Indonesian who is studying in Harvard University in USA. In this situation, English is my L2. In the real life, English also my second language since I enter English Study Program in University of Jambi. Why I use “since I enter English Study Program in University of Jambi”? I will explain it.

In the definition above, second language is the language that officially used by society and government. In Indonesia, the official language is Bahasa Indonesia. For the most people in Indonesia, our first language is Bahasa Daerah. So, we can say that actually Bahasa Indonesia is the second language. However, in the term bilingualism, most people in Indonesia are bilingual. We acquire Bahasa Daerah and Bahasa Indonesia in our childhood. It means, both of language is our first language. Then I enter English Study Program. Most of learning activities are used English. For graduating, I have to write a thesis written in English. It means, English is the main language in my major. That’s why, English is my L2.

In acquiring my L2, I have passed several steps. I have learned English since I was third grader student in Elementary School. At the time till I entered Senior High School, English is kind of memorizing subject for me. I couldn’t perform it...

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