How Do Effective Teams Compare to Effective Groups?

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How do Effective Teams compare to Effective Groups? Tadeusz Czuprynski MGT415 Date: 2 April 2011 For: Danielle Camacho Abstract I hope to address that Teams and Groups can be effective or ineffective depending on the team environment. Whether to use teams or groups is an important organizational decision. Advantages and disadvantages in developing and utilizing teams or groups must be researched. The Teams and Groups outcomes are dependent on an effective design and efficient work with recognition of their efforts. The first thing we need to discuss is; why is it important to understand group dynamics in the business world? As organizations are becoming more diverse, the need of effective and goal oriented work force is rising. The keys to an organization’s success is that their leaders and managers understand the meaning of group dynamics, group cohesiveness, and managing multicultural groups and how the theories apply to ensure the success of the organization and its groups. Evaluating group structure, building trust through strong leadership, and effectively communicating will enhance the organizations productivity and success. We all know cultural diversity has become widespread within many organizations today. The work groups in these organizations are increasingly being staffed by culturally diverse employees. The cultural differences exhibited in the groups can enhance or weaken the function of the work group, especially in a predominantly homogenous environment. The knowledge of group behavior can affect the way one performs in a group setting. Group dynamics is the scientific study of behavior in groups (Johnson and Johnson, 2009). A group is two or more individuals who have interaction with
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