How Do Daily Tasks Effect Cooking Frequency Essay

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How Do Daily Tasks Effect Cooking Frequency Navista Thompson 6/25/14 Introduction Many people in today’s society are swamped with their daily tasks. These tasks may include work, school, chores, and even kid’s sports or activities. When trying to find the time to do all these things and more, we also have to find time to do something very important and that is to eat. Fast food restaurants are on every corner in every city. It is so convenient to go through a McDonald’s drive-thru and grab a burger or to stop by a store and grab a bag of chips. There are even those people who skip meals because of their busy schedules. Are there more women that cook for their families than men? Is there an association between age and cooking frequency? Does working full-time affect how often you cook? These are three questions that this research will attempt to answer. If an individual is unemployed, they will prepare more home cooked meals than those working full-time. Some would say that it is not hard juggling daily tasks and preparing meals for a family and others may think it is nearly impossible. Methods The target population in this study is individuals that are employed full-time and those who are unemployed. This study consists of thirty individuals. Participants were selected at random from employees at a durable medical company in Madison County and from my list of Facebook friends. The participants in this study are from all walks of life, have families, are in school, and are of all ages. A simple survey was used to collect information from the participants. The surveys were anonymous as they only included numbers for each participant with the age and gender specified. Some of the questions included were: How many times a week do you prepare meals at home? How many hours a week do you work? This cross-sectional study was performed to determine the how

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