How Do Bardic Tradition Affect Modern Artforms

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The Bardic tradition dates back to hundreds of years ago with the aim of keeping the ancient mysteries alive through the use of word of mouth; story-telling that use the means of poetry, myths, legends and songs. They told stories about their traditions and values in a way that would suit their audiences; ‘using the allegory of story and myth to present truths to the society in the manner which the society could accept them’ ; making it difficult to distinguish the actual moral and values of the stories from mere entertainment purposes. The bardic tradition is still influential today as the ‘myths and tales are of great importance in many societies – especially to the development of the people within those societies.’ The bards were not just poets but singers too; as it was a way of communicating with the other towns, a way of traveling the news. These are the strengths of using the means of song and music to convey a certain message or story as songs and music gets stuck in our minds; with the powerful lyrics of a song making their way into our hearts. Because of this, the songs get passed down from generation to generation, from bard to bard; some even existing today. Music genres like folk music and country/western music still carries the traits of the music of the bards in the way that they too, carry stories and histories about today’s societies and ways. This essay will explore the similarities and the influence of traditional bardic music to these musical genres in the contemporary world. Folk music emerged in the 15th to 19th centuries and is the musical aspect of folklore and is a clear link to traditional bardic music as it is ‘the earliest kind of music’ . Folk music is portrayed to be traditional and a way of describing the life of people in their communities. It is a way of telling the history of villages and communities orally much like how the

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