How Do Adults Learn

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Question 1 How do Adults learn ? How is Andragogy different from Pedagogy? What is the role of appropriate climate setting in desired training outcomes ? Answer. Education has traditionally been associated with young children and youth but the twenty first century has turned the tables on the concept of education by incorporating a revolutionary term called “ Adult learning” . It is a known fact that humans learn through out their life span but a conscious learning process is termed as education and when Adults involve themselves in the process of learning it is called training or Adult learning. The main features which define adult learning are -: 1. Adults learn best when they determine for themselves what ,how and when they should learn unlike a school defined curriculum designed by a board and compulsorily taught and tested by a system. 2. Adults are self-directed learners thus non formal not very structured programme which challenges their intellect leads to better learning for adults than a structured lecture method with predefined plan and scope as in a school class room situation. 3. Adults need to be convinced about the benefit of learning and that should be implicitely clear to them at the outset. 4. The ‘why’ of learning should be clearly understood and accepted by the adults before they subject themselves to any training programme. Andragogy as a discipline Andragogy is derived from the Greek word meaning “Adult”.It initially meant the ‘art and science of helping Adults learn’ but with growing research and interest in Adult learning the term coined started to encompass a growing body of knowledge about adult learning. Today the term is used as an alternative to ‘Pedagogy’. Pedagogy stands at the other end of the spectrum when compared with Andragogy. Where pedagogy is based on how facilitators could control learners reaction ,i.e.
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