How Did Women Wear Flappers In The 1920's

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Flappers have been worn by many young women, showing the freedom they have during the jazz age of the century. The jazz age included many speakeasy’s, and alcoholic drinks in the 1920’s which described the young women that had a “sexually liberated lifestyle”. The dresses were knee high length, very thin and women also wore their hair very short most lengths reached their ears, along with short hair and thin dresses was bright red lipstick and eyeshadow. The flappers shown a great amount of independence to the City of New York in the 1920’s during WWI to the Deprivation, not being able to have something due to the war. Many young women wore flappers as an act of freedom and independence during the 1920’s being able to vote around the time, women began attending colleges, more inventions and places to go were rising, prohibition has become an act creating speakeasy’s women started…show more content…
Eventually, girls ditched the corsets and long dresses and decided on short skirts instead. Some girls started doing sports and used it as an act for being freely of their long skirts and dresses. They didn’t rely on a man or their husband to buy them things, they were making their own money and buying what they wanted. Cars were invented and going places became a habit for the people in the 1920s especially knowing that more entertainment ideas have been built and formed, Talkies, Radio Stations, jazz, and broadway shows became huge entertainments. Vaudeville being one of the many types of broadway type of shows and act for family, having many actors perform acts and shows for the people vaudeville becoming a hit opened up in New York City, The shows were very popular with only being a few cents to see a show. Mark Strand Theatre opened up and became the biggest theatre in Manhattan, New York City. Being able to hold 3,000 people with also a second floor many people watched
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