How Did William the Conqueror Control England?

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How did William the Conqueror control England? Introduction William became king of England by making the other opponents for king surrender or killed them. This is how he controlled England: Attack William sent his soldiers to kill anyone who had rebelled against him or done something they shouldn’t have. As punishment he destroyed villages and farms everywhere so everybody would starve to death. If anyone was to attempt to stand up to him he would kill them or torture them. Feudal System Every now and then William was too lazy and tired to do things himself so he hired 2 Lords to do his job and in return, the Lords would receive a large piece of land. The Lords also had the same problem sometimes so they hired 2 Knights each and offered them a smaller piece of land. Even though there was 2 of the Knights, they needed a rest from time to time, so they gave a little piece of land to the Pheasants for doing some work for them. This system was a very good system and worked well because everyone was happy with what they got in return. Domesday Book and Taxes William and his lords came up with the idea to create a book with all the details of peoples taxes. The book was called the ‘Domesday Book’. He sent officials everywhere to record how much money people had and owed then reported back to William with the book so he had a clear idea of tax and money situations Castles Castles were built to protect William and his soldiers. Building castles helped his control over England because they reminded people who was in charge and it intimidated some people as they were scared to approach him. It was harder for the people to invade to get their land back too. Another good thing was that William could arrange meetings for plans with important people that he worked with. Conclusion In conclusion, William controlled England by getting other people to do his work
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