How Did Tookie Williams Cause Crime

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Righteous Murder Stanly Tookie Williams III was born on December 29, 1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana. “Tookie” Williams was a misguided high school student from South Central California. Gang bangers had taken over his neighborhood, and terrorized those who feared them. This territorial authority included more than neighborhoods; it also included territory over women and young children. Tookie, along with his friend Raymond Lee Washington, founded a gang in 1971, known as the Crips. Initially, Tookie and Raymond had the intention only of protecting their neighborhood. However, the Crips eventually developed into the same gang bangers they once feared. Their reign of terror was short lived – Raymond was shot and killed in 1979 by a rival gang member, and Tookie was imprisoned later that year. Tookie was charged with the murder of four people, and put on death row. During prison, Tookie stayed in solitary confinement for six and a half years because of behavior…show more content…
While Tookie Williams did initiate a tremendous amount of violence, crime, and murders; he had entirely reformed and re-devoted his life toward preventing what he had once been caught up in. My main concern is that the only people who might have been positively affected by his execution were the families of his victims. I believe that when the death penalty should be applied, it should be because the person’s existence is causing chaos either inside of the prison or outside. If a person’s incarceration is causing violence anywhere, and cannot be stopped by any other means, then the death penalty should be considered. I believe that the courts should be involved with the communities benefit. In Tookies case, the community was not benefited by his murder. By ending the person’s life of someone who is raising awareness and preventing children from involving themselves with violence, crime and drugs, the community is at a

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