How Did Thomas Paine Contribute To The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Paine's Common Sense, while a definitive work for the cause of independence, was a monumental recruiting force many exaggerated the magnitude of. Of course the paper was powerful, leaving many in quandaries as to the legitimacy of Britain's governmental policies in relation to the Americas and inspiring the construction of the Declaration of Independence. The contentions of many American politicians persuaded many also, fighting the policies of virtual representation and the Restraining Act, legislation which stated the total dominance of Parliament in colonial affairs. Patriot lawyers and other such socially prolific persons took to referencing the natural rights brought to light during the Enlightenment by characters such as John Locke…show more content…
Once the American public staged greater resistance, likely in the form of trade boycotts and resistance to the Stamp and Tea Acts, Britain struck back through keeping a standing army in the colonies. The Americans majorly attempted to resist British domination, the repudiation of the Declaratory Act and the passing of the Declaration of Rights and Grievances were political strikes. Mostly 'polite' arguments, leading into a boycott of British goods as American demands were not met. Colonial Loyalists in Virginia fought sporadically, leading into Lord Dunmore's alienation of the southern Patriots and the growth of their desire for succession. With the philosophies of John Locke, Thomas Paine and the governmental ideals propagated within the Enlightenment the Declaration of Independence was drafted. Within Common Sense, a smattering of governmental foundations were laid; including the concept of presidency and congressional delegates. Thomas Jefferson again reinforced the concept of natural rights and framed the concept of popular sovereignty as a principal of American governance. This was the true beginning of the Revolution, as many statues of George III were razed to the ground as he did, in subjugation past, to the American's fields and

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