How Did Thomas Paine Become An American

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Professor Samuel Farris American Heritage 1313 10 October 2012 Common Sense Thomas Paine was born on January 29th, 1737 in Britain. After a short basic education that lasted till he was about thirteen, he began to work as a Tax collector. During this occupation Thomas Paine was very unsuccessful. He was dismissed from his post and in 1772; he was fired for publishing an article arguing that raising tax collectors salaries would reduce corruption. In 1774, he met Benjamin Franklin in London, who advised him to immigrate to America. Paine arrived in Philadelphia on November 30, 1774, starting over as a publicist. Upon arrival in Philadelphia, Paine had sensed the rise of tension, and the spirit of rebellion that had steadily mounted in the Colonies after the Boston Tea party and the battles of Lexington and Concord. Paine believed that the Colonies had the right…show more content…
They found economic prosperity with resources that could be made on the American land. They didn’t need to seek assistance from other countries to supply ships, guns, ammo, etc. for the “Rebels” use. “No country on the globe is so happily situated, or so internally capable of raising a fleet as America. Tar, timber, iron, and cordage are her natural produce. We need go abroad for nothing. Whereas the Dutch, who make large profits by hiring out their ships of war to the Spaniards and Portuguese, are obliged to import most of their materials they use. We ought to view the building a fleet as an article of commerce, it being the natural manufactory of this country. It is the best money we can lay out.” (Pg 92) (Paine) In conclusion, Thomas Paines’ Common Sense expressed no weakness. He had valid points in his article, which pushed America closer to its independence. His ideas shaped this nations government, and began the process of the idea that all men were created equally. Works
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