How Did Theodore Roosevelt Our Steward

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Running Head: Theodore Roosevelt – Our Steward Theodore Roosevelt – Our Steward When the McKinley’s assassination took place, 43 year old vice president Theodore Roosevelt stepped up and became the nation’s youngest president. Roosevelt becoming president meant an overhaul of the nation. New political and economical reforms were about to be put in place, new ideas, new people – the age of the “Steward of the People” had just begun. Bringing the nation bills and acts such as the Federal Conservation Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, and most importantly the Square Deal, Roosevelt was a man for the health of the nation and its people ( When he stepped into office in 1901 he promised the nation something he called a “Square Deal”. The Square Deal was Roosevelt's domestic program primarily aimed at helping middle class citizens. The policies of the Square Deal involved attacking the major corporations and trusts while at the same time…show more content…
For this view, Roosevelt gained many hunters and fisherman to boost his political base. He created many national parks, such as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, created monuments, and funded organizations that supported the conservation of the environment. Roosevelt’s involvement for the environment set aside more land for national parks and nature preserves than all the previous presidents at a combined total 194 million acres. By 1909, the Roosevelt administration had created “42 million acres of national forests, 53 national wildlife refuges and 18 areas of interest, including the Grand Canyon” (, Para. 1). During hunting, he was pressured to shoot a bear cub, but felt sympathetic for the bear and set down his gun. The American people loved this and soon created the toy called the Teddy Bear, in which they named after Theodore Roosevelt (Clay, 2002, Para. 2 &
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