How Did The Soviet Union Collapse

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Collapse of the Soviet Union The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 took about 70 years, which resulted in the Soviet Union, splitting up into 15 separate countries. The West perceived the collapse of the Soviet Union as a victory for freedom, a celebration over totalitarianism, and evidence of capitalism over socialism. “The end of the Cold War left the United States as the only military superpower and raised the prospect of a “new world order” dominated by the United States and its European and Asian allies.” The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted from the burden of the United States and the communisms internal weakness. Ronald Reagans Administration pursued two prolonged strategies in defeating the Soviet Union. The first…show more content…
In November 1989, Germans flooded the wall and the guards were surprised because they have heard nothing about the government lifting the ban. Lifting the ban allowed the Germans to freely pass into Berlin. Once everyone realized the ban was lifted, excitement erupted and the Berlin Wall was knocked down. This symbolized to the world that Communist rule in Europe ended. Two years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union buckled. The Communist party was broken because the Russian Republic hindered to eject Gorbachev from office. In December 1991, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) included Russian Republics. “The Russian Republic assumed leadership of the CIS, but the Soviet Union was no more.” The Cold War was a long drawn out battle between Democracy and Communism. The United States believed that a country should have the ability to choose its government; not be feared of it. President Regan stood up and made the choice to end the war and to disperse the fear of communism. The Berlin Wall collapsed and has changed history forever. The Cold War that began in Berlin after World War II had finally
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