How Did The Mongol Conquer Western Europe

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What if the Mongols had invaded Western Europe? If we look at Mongol invasions, by the 13th century they had already invaded much of Asia reaching all the way into Eastern Europe. Since the Mongols had superior military techniques, they could have had a chance to defeat Western Europe’s already fragmenting government. The founder of the Mongol empire, Genghis Khan, was a strong and powerful leader. It was by the help of his primary military strategist and general, named Subedei that made the Mongols’ military so strong. He was a master mind in every aspect of warfare. It was by his intelligence, and military tactics such as mobility, alertness, speed, high intuition and military strategies that the Mongols were able to invade so many lands. This also included the ideas for protective armor, and numerous weapons. When the Mongols would decide to attack, they would have probably raided the countryside first, since it was harder to directly attack the castles and the cities, as it would have been too time-consuming. This would have caused the Western rural population to run into the cities and castles for protection. As the Mongols would have been…show more content…
They were nomadic; they cared more about new military advancements and keeping in power. Europe would have mostly remained rural and cities would have started to deteriorate. No new advancements would have been made and technology would have started going backwards. This possibly leading to another Dark Age, meaning: no Renaissance, and no Scientific Revolution. Europeans would have adapted to the Mongol lifestyle. Liberty to trade would decline and perhaps, Western Europe would no longer become a major dominating nation. This affecting the whole world as Western Europe would have never industrialized or colonized Asia, Africa, and the New
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