How Did The Mexican American War Cause The Civil War

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Starting after the Mexican War, when America acquired a large amount of land, there was a debate about whether or not the land should be slavery. Violence was also beginnig to happen more which caused more problems for the country. After that several events were the immediate cause of the civil war. First, it was the Wilmot Proviso that caused all of the problems before the 1850s. The Wilmot Proviso was created in which called for making of all the territories from the Mexican War free territories, which was immediately shot down because the South felt it was only in favor of the North. It was reintroduced again but didn't make it passed the Senate because there was more representation from the south. Next, there was the Compromise of 1850, which included these terms…show more content…
The intentions of the Republicans were to not destroy slavery but to stop the spread of it. The republicans were hated by the south, causing further anger. Then, a major event happened. The Kansas-Nebraska act and "Bleeding Kansas" put the two territories in disarray. The Kansas-Nebraska act said that Nebraska would be a free state and Kansas would receive popular sovereignty, which it chose slavery. Bleeding Kansas was an event caused by John Brown ( an extreme Northern abolitionist) where he killed several supporters of slavery. The next event was the Dred Scott v. Sanford Decision. Dred Scott was a slave who was brought to Wisconsin with his owner, who then died. He thought that because he was in a northern state he would be granted freedom. However, The Supreme Court declared that Scott was not a citizen and therefore was property and had no say in federal court. It also stated that the Supreme Court never had any authority to control where slavery could be held. This event angered abolistionists and made them increase their goals for the fight for

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