How Did The Industrial Revolution Influence Imperialism

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SS Gateway Day 4 The age of Imperialism made way for (and was even influenced by) some of the most prevalent inventions, ideas, and innovations in todays world. Imperialism as defined by historians is said to be “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force.” Although this definition is held true to many examples of Imperialism, the actual causes of imperialism can be greater accredited to what is known is the Industrial Revolution. Without the Industrial Revolution and the ideas flowing into the world at the time; Imperialism may have been nothing but a word. The Industrial Revolution was essentially a mechanical and emotional means of progress for the world. The ability to grow coupled with the will to grow both directly influenced imperialism. The Industrial…show more content…
These inventions (refer to Document C for examples) caused great economic expansion across Europe. Yet at the same time, these exact inventions caused for a need of more raw materials. This is where Imperialism began to take shape, because before Imperialism in Africa had begun, there were still many examples of Europeans who’d enslaved africans on their own land. Which meant that once raw materials for machines that needed simple labor in a factory rather than the fields were needed to maintain their great economic boost; whichever European country had the most property in Africa, got to conquer the most land in its entirety (Scramble for Africa). Meaning these now obsolete slaves were being subject to have to watch European countries take over their lands and began industrializing on african soil because of how rich in materials the African land is. This was also seen in India, when the British took control of the Indian Company, and the British’ habits began to get to the indians to the point of which they eventually revolted (as seen in Document

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