How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Australian Society

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In 1770, Captain James Cook and his crew found unclaimed land located in the Southern Hemisphere and called it ‘terra nullius’. 18 years later, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived on the east coast of this land, at Botany Bay on the 26th of January. However, the land had been inhabited by Indigenous Australians for more than 40, 000 years. They were the first to have found the land which is Australia today. Despite their presence, the British still claimed the land as their own even though they knew that there were natives already living there. This caused serious conflict between Indigenous Australians and the British, leaving the Aborigines dispossessed of their land and an alarming decrease in their population. Well, evidence shows that the British arrival wasn’t settlement but an act of invasion.…show more content…
There was a lot of poverty and many jobs were lost which caused people to steal food or other items to get money and survive. Many people got caught stealing and were put into jail even if they stole just a loaf of bread and for this reason many prisons became overcrowded. England had a couple of solutions and one was to send the convicts to East Africa but they had diseases in the area or in South West Africa but they lacked adequate water. The British then decided to transport convicts to the new land which Captain Cook had claimed for

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