How Did The Great War Affect Canada

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On Sunday, June 28th 1914 two lethal shots were fired in Sarajevo and The Great War had commenced. Brittan was in control of Canada’s foreign affairs and Canada contributed to the war. Many airplanes flew into dog fights, many soldiers ran into trenches, and many women walked into factories to work. This war had a first and last for many events. This was Canada's first war and they came out strong. The Great War was moderately great for Canada because although they considerably achieved greatness economically and militarily, there was a relevant loss politically and socially. Though at first the war hurt Canada’s economy, The Great War was still considerably great economically because of the citizen’s support, increased employment rate,…show more content…
The Great War was Canada’s first international conflict and they had little past experiences. Canada’s first few battles were not successful and a harsh start. The Rossrifle jam during their first battles was horrible. Both France and Brittan had attempted to capture Vimy Ridge but both were unsuccessful. France and Brittan’s casualties in Vimy Ridge were well over 150,000. (“Vimy Ridge”, June 1,2008) In 1917 Canada were given orders to capture Vimy Ridge. (Cruxton & Wilson, pg 90) The Canadian army was led by General Arthur Currie. Due to the past failed battles and experiences Currie thoroughly considered the attack. Currie’s first move was to build a scale model of the area. He also plotted 80% of German guns and prepared his troops with extensive practice. Canadian engineers designed underground subways. Tunnel mining companies build 5 subways, each at about 1.2 km in length and 10m in depth. (“Vimy Ridge” June 1, 2008)These subways were used to move machinery and artillery into German positions. Currie planned the attack so well and took every detail into consideration. Canada successfully took the ridge in just four days. (“The Battle of Vimy Ridge” June 1, 2008) Their plan was to shoot at the ground and create a big polluted battle field and slowly move forward. (“First World War” June 3. 2008)…show more content…
Canada had improved over their four years of war. They learned from their experiences, acquired new weapons and the military had developed considerably. The last hundred days included battle of Somme and the battle of Amiens. (“Canada and the Battle of the Last 100 Days” June 1, 2008) It was near the end of war and Germany did not have many hopes left. All of German allies had fallen back and they failed at both the battle of Amiens and Somme. (“Canada and the Battle of the Last 100 Days” June 1, 2008) Germany’s only option was to launch a massive attack on the Western Front. (Cruxton & Wilson, pg 100) Numerous Germans charged into France, but they were stopped 80 km from Paris. Canada achieved military greatness because of their spearhead attack towards Germany. (Mistry, April 3, 2008) On August 8th Canadians swept through with tanks and airships. Canada’s enhanced military gave Germany a hard beating. Canada pushed Germans back 150 km. (“Last 100 Days” June 3, 2008) This was to the highest degree greatness for Canada since at first they only gained a few kilometres. The military grew much stronger since the beginning of the war. Canada’s strategy enhanced greatly and they were organized. Organization and their improved military led to their success, thus pushing Germans back 150 km. They were able to complete their task by protecting France and gaining all lost land back. Canada had significantly

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