How Did The Gilded Age Affect The Economy During The Gilded Age

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“Glitter on surface but corrupt underneath.” These are the words of Mark Twain as he describes what he has appropriately named The Gilded Age. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the United States experienced a period of great population growth and change, a time when an agrarian society of small rural producers grew into an urban society ruled by industrial corporations. The Gilded Age also produced a national transportation and communication network, the corporation became the main form of business organization, and the political culture was rapidly changing. Along with the great changes that came during the Gilded Age also came many issues and much controversy that needed to be dealt with. An issue that seemed to be very important to America throughout the Gilded Age was politics. The vast majority of voters cast their ballot on Election Day. During these elections there was a great sense of party loyalty. This loyalty was based on a few factors, one of them being the spoils system. This system was designed so that the party that was in control and would give government jobs to the loyal party members. This was a great incentive for members to…show more content…
The Gilded Age brought about the modern structure of American big businesses and corporations. This emergence of the modern corporation was accompanied by many positive developments. Entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P Morgan played enormous roles during the Gilded Age. They developed new strategies that changed the way business was done.. This gave way to a new breed of millionaires where fortune and power was far set apart from the rest of the country. Like railroads large industries created lots of jobs, yet because of immigration there was still a fairly large unemployment rate. Consolidation and the expansion of business resulted in the middle class. Mechanization replaced the work of skilled workers. Some of these workers entered salaried managerial
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