How Did The French And Indian War Lead To The American Revolution

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The French and Indian war gave the Canadian territory of Quebec to the British. It also gave the British have power over of the Ohio valley, the name for a large region, stretching from Pennsylvania to Illinois. The resulting Quebec Act was a main complaint leading to the revolution, as it blocked colonists from getting bigger into the Ohio valley. The French and Indian War was the North American front of the Seven Years War. The British eventually won, but they were deep in debt as a result of the expenses of the war. Much of the heavy taxation that the British government forced on the American colonies was intended to pay these debts. Resentment of these taxes was one of the main motivators of the Americans who wanted to break up from Britain.…show more content…
Manifest Destiny was the belief that God had meant Americans to spread the blessings of liberty with the whole continent of North America. This would in turn require acquiring new land, and adding new territories and states to the United States. However, this could not be done without causing the conflict about the stability of Slave and Free states in the Senate. If a state was admitted as free, the North would have more people in the Senate than the South, and the South wouldn't stand for this. If a state was accepted as a slave state, then the South would have more people in the Senate than the North did, and in turn the North wouldn't stand for that. Finally, the North and South compromised and decided that the position of the state should be determined by the people who live there. However, this then would cause both Northerners and Southerners to move to the state in question and basically they'd start shooting at each other. The South clearly didn't like this. In addition to that, they didn't like the Northern Abolitionist attacks. After a few more years, Lincoln got elected, and South Carolina was the first to separate along with a few others, then Lincoln got inaugurated, more states separated, Lincoln declared the states in rebellion, and started a war in order to preserve the Union. His main goal was to keep the Union together contrary to the belief of many who think that his goal in the Civil War
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